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Busy! Busy!

We  haven’t seen a kangaroo or a koala, but last night we met two real Australians.  Brian and Chris, who are the first people to own a Krogen in Australia, came up  here to Pittwater from South Sydney and took us out to dinner.  They are really fun people and it was great to talk about our boats.  They bought a Krogen 48 recently and when they met the Krogen people they heard about us.  It was fun to be with them as they heaped praises on us for our accomplishments!  And who doesn’t like that!

We have been very busy packing up the boat.

Busy in the lazarette

Busy in the lazarette

9-14-14 001

9-14-14 002

We have packed over 60 boxes of stuff that we plan to ship home on a freighter.  We no longer have space to do anything and we are anxious to get this stuff out of here.  Next step will be to clean the boat.

Hopefully, the next time I blog it will be with photos of a beautiful empty Oogachaka.

I can’t stop this feeling………………….

Patty on Oogachaka

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We Did It!

We pulled into the harbor at Sydney and felt pretty darn good.  Mission accomplished.

Here is the boat out in the ocean a couple days ago and I saw a ship.  Ended up pretty close to him, but although he was under power, he was not moving.

8-29-14 001

8-29-14 006

8-29-14 008

Sydney appears to be a magnificent city.

8-29-14 011

8-29-14 012

8-29-14 013

Although we are now located north of the city in Pittwater, we hope to take the bus downtown several times and do some exploring.  We have boat work to do first.

Here we are when we at last were tied up to our mooring ball and probably finished driving our Oogachaka forever.

8-29-14 014

Our plans now are to get the boat all cleaned up to sell.  We have a broker, Andrew, and he has been taking great care of us so far.  Yesterday he showed up in a 40 foot inflatable boat out in the ocean to welcome us to Australia.  Today we had lunch and then he took us to a pharmacy, a supermarket, a phone store and a storage unit.  I bought boxes and plan to start boxing things up and then store things until we are ready to freight them to Houston.

We hope to sell the boat in the next couple months and be home by Christmas.  I happened to have an internet chat with my brother this morning and it made me realize that I am very homesick.

This has been an amazing experience!  We will keep you all posted on our adventure here in Australia.

I can’t stop this feeling………………………

Patty on Oogachaka

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Last Stop Before Australia

We are in Noumea, New Caledonia and we are enjoying the town.  Very French.  I got my hair done in a place where they spoke only French and I love how it turned out.  Of course, I can’t pouf it up the way he did, but it sure was a nice relaxing day.

Ken went to the chandlery while I did my hair and bought some pieces for the guy line up top.  We’ve been here a week already and I’ve been doing a lot of packing.


We took a bus down to the south of town where all the beaches and tourists hang out and we had lunch in a revolving restaurant.  Superb – a fabulous steak – maybe better than that great soup we had in Savusavu, Fiji.

8-16-14 004

I’ve also been spending time on the internet looking at houses in Texas.  We had planned to look for a building we could set up as a studio and shop with housing upstairs but houses are very reasonable in Houston, so we are looking in Pearland where Matthew and Jamie would eventually like to buy.

Yesterday we went to the grocery store for our final provision.

8-16-14 005

8-16-14 006

We have been watching the weather between here and Sydney and it is looking good for a Monday departure.  We have decided to go straight to Sydney, skipping Brisbane, since our broker is located there and it will be a more likely place to sell the boat.  We will be about 10 days out on the ocean.

This photo was taken at the yacht club in Suva, our last stop in Fiji.

8-16-14 002

I can’t stop this feeling……………………………

Patty on Oogachaka

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Arrived Sydney

8/27/14  ”We made it to Sydney and were at the Customs and Border Protection dock by 8:00 a.m. local time.  Three hours and almost $500.00 later we were officially checked in and we headed back out to go north about 16 miles to Pittwater, where our broker Andrew greeted us out in the ocean in 4 meter swells and 25 plus knots of wind in a 40 foot inflatable to lead us in to our mooring.  Then he went to fetch his work boat for us to use to get back and forth to shore and showed us where the Yacht Club was to get something to eat.  He also loaned us a WiFi stick to use.  It certainly feels like we are in good hands with Andrew.  We just got back in the dark but easily found OOGACHAKA which her blue LED lights guiding us.  We are going to crash for the night and regroup tomorrow.  Glad this part of the trip is behind us – way too much wind and waves for too many days in a row.”

Ken & Patty  OOGACHAKA

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At 6pm 8/25 their time:  Ken wrote that all is well and that they were making 7.0 knots (40% faster than they have been).  Their plotted position report puts them clearly on the track for Sydney.  That puts them about 200 nautical miles from Sydney which is about 1.5 days travel.


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8/24/14: Alan says…..Ken emailed at 4pm his time for a weather report.  Passageweather.com indicated that the next few days the waves and wind will pick up on the track to Sydney.  The Sydney forecast is for rain and midteens wind speeds starting Tuesday, Aug 26 and running thru Thursday.  They continue to report “all is well”, but Ken said that he will not miss these long overnight passages.   As they get closer to land, the traffic will pick up and they will have more to see (and watch out for).  The image below shows their reported positions since leaving New Caledonia (the red line is a straight line to Sydney).  It looks strange to me, and it appears now they have turned more toward Brisbane than Sydney.  They have not said anything but Sydney, but maybe the attraction of nearer land is overtaking them.


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Change of plans??

Ken’s 8/21 sailmail: “At 3:00 p.m., we were at 25 28.22 S, 161 09.79 E, on a course of 217 Magnetic, traveling at 5.6 using the birds.  Winds are 100 degrees to port at 17 knots.  All is well.”

Alan says….their plotted course seems to indicate that they are now headed for Brisbane, Australia vs Sydney as the next stop.  I think that the 8/19 position report was not correct.  Here is a picture of their reported track so far.


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Underway to Sydney, Australia

8/17/14 Their time:  Patty posted on her Facebook page:  I am having computer problems and I couldn’t do our blog this week. We are leaving tomorrow for Sydney, Australia, so we will be out of contact for another ten days. Au revoir.”

Alan says:  Here is a map of their next track…1,071 nautical miles by my estimate.

Update:  8/18 their time:  Got a sailmail from Ken saying they were now leaving Noumea.


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Arrived New Caledonia

8/10/14 their time, Ken posted on his Facebook page:  ”We made it to Noumea, New Caledonia early this morning, around 3:00 a.m. We tried to find an anchorage “inside” but it was too difficult in the dark so we stayed “outside” until this morning and then got a slip at the marina. The wind is really blowing so we are glad we are tucked away here in the marina. Should sleep well tonight.”

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Half way there …

8/6/14  Ken reported that all is well.  Winds have picked up to 25 knots which is probably bringing higher waves, but they are making 5.2 knots.  Here is a map of their last reported position.


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