Welcome to Oogachaka!

We are Ken and Patty and we began our adventure on April 10, 2009, when we put an offer on a 1991 Krogen 42. No, really it started on the British Virgin Islands on the day we rented a boat in 1999. We were relaxing in a cove and I looked over at Ken and told him I could easily do this for the rest of my life. After that vacation I started seriously thinking about what we would do in retirement. I talked a lot about boating and eventually Ken joined the bandwagon and we looked at boats and read logs every single night on our computers.

The offer on our Krogen was accepted on April 13 and we took possession in Anacortes, Washington. We hired a captain to help us get the boat to Umatilla, Oregon. We had to go down the Washington coastline and through the Columbia River Bar. We left our captain in St. Helens and drove the boat up the Columbia River ourselves.

On Aug. 21, 2011, we left Umatilla Marina and headed down the Columbia River. We plan to winter in Puget Sound, then head for Alaska in the summer. Wooh Hooh!

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